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Loop Vidio

Generate High Authority Backlinks for Your YouTube Videos Instantly in just 3 Simple Steps!

  • 1

    Enter the URL of your YouTube Video

    Loop Vidio accepts any valid YouTube link or Short Link and double checks the validity of your links before creating embeds. If all is well you get a green checkmark before you continue to the next step!

  • 2

    Click the "Create URLs" and then "Export URLs" Button

    Loop Vidio submits your video links to popular online Video Looping services for instant high domain authority embedded backlinks! Then exports them for you so they get indexed by Google.

  • 3

    Your URLs are Exported to Instant Link Indexer and Pastebin

    Your Loop Vidio links are submitted to instant Link Indexer and drip fed in a safe manner to ensure you're not penalized for building too many links at once. They're also sent to your own PasteBin.

10 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Because Loop Vidio is a Desktop Software we must adhere to a traditional software policy. This means should you have any problems installing Loop Vidio or making it work on your computer we will refund your money in full. You have 10 days to try the software out and ensure it works as stated. If for any reason you can't get Loop Vidio to work on your computer submit a support ticket and we will issue you a refund.

You have nothing to lose by trying it out!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Loop Vidio PRO
Does Loop Vidio Work on Mac and PC? +

Yes! When you purchase Loop Vidio you will get access to both a Mac and PC version so you can run it on any of your own personal computers.

Is Loop Vidio Supported by YouTube? +

Yes, Loop Vidio uses the official YouTube 2.0 API to scrape information from YouTube. It also uses the API for Instant Link Indexer and Pastebin so it's 100% compliant with all associated services.

How Many Videos Can I Submit to Loop Vidio? +

There are currently no limitations on the amount of video submissions. We may change this and your account could be limited if usage is deemed excessive.

Are There Any Monthly Fees to Use Loop Vidio? +

No, if you purchase during launch week you will get lifetime access to Loop Vidio. This includes access to the software, link indexing service, and lifetime updates.

How Many Computers Can I Install Loop Vidio On? +

You can install Loop Vidio on an unlimited number of your own personal computers. However you will need to purchase additional licenses for your clients or VAs.

How Long Do I have to Test The Software? +

You have a full 10 days to install Loop Vidio and ensure it works on your computer and your purchase it. We feel this is more than enough time to download and try it out. Should you have any issues getting installed for any reason we will refund your money in full. You have nothing to lose by trying it out!